Regulate You, Regulate Me 

A three week journey to deepen your somatic awareness, support your nervous system back into felt safety and tools to co-regulate with your children. 

Regulate yourself to be the source of peace, harmony and joy your family needs   

It is time for you to rise up and bring the healing you have been searching for, time to become the healer your family needs and experience a flood of peace for you and your loved ones.

If you have lived in states of anxiety, gone through cycles of stress and burnout, carry trauma in our bodies, been sleep deprived for too long; your nervous system is already in a state of depletion

As a somatic, trauma informed practitioner, I understand that the body and specifically the nervous system is where all healing begins.  

When mothers invest and prioritizes their own healing, learn to regulate themselves, the whole family flourishes.

Through simple and consistent somatic practices, it is possible to live in a state of felt safety and regulate back into felt safety quickly and easily when triggered, bringing about a deeper peaceful connection with your family.

Because our children regulate in attunement to our nervous systems, we have the power to support them into peaceful embodiment in their moments of dysregulation, if we can hold ourselves in regulation.

These practices will change the trajectory of your life, your children’s lives, as well as your grandchildren and future descendants.

Is this for you? 

You know you are carrying trauma or stress keeping your systems trapped in hyperarousal. 

Your systems are deeply tired.

You want tools to deeply nourish your nervous system.

You want to learn to regulate yourself to live in felt safety.

 You want to coregulate with your children when they are in a state of dysregulation. 

You find yourself in states of triggeredness without simple, effective tools to reregulate yourself. 

  You want to heal at a deep somatic, cellular, energetic level.

You want to live in states of peace, joy and bliss; deeply honouring your needs and desires.

You want to create a family life oozing with joy, pleasure and fun.  

You want to create conscious, deep connections with your children

You want to become an embodiment of joy peace and harmony for your family

This is Amazing! Sign Me Up!

How it Works

  • This is a three week/ 21 day, deeply transformational journey
  • You will have access to weekly live mentorship group session  
  • You will receive a daily mini practice to guide you into deeper somatic awareness and regulation
  • You will be part of a private circle of mothers all healing, rising, motivating and encouraging one another 
  • You will receive access to an online portal with teaching to guide you into:

1. Somatic and Nervous system Awareness and Regulation 

2. Holding, healing and supporting yourself through your triggers 

3. Coregulating with your children in their moments of dysregulation 

Tell me no more, I need this!

Are you ready to ...

  • Deeply nourish and heal your nervous system 
  • Develop greater awareness of your somatic state and cues
  • Connect intimately with your whole being 
  • Hold, heal, regulate and release your triggers
  • Become a source of joy and harmony for your family
  • Live from a completely new state of being
  • Parent with calm and inner peace 
  • Foster intimate connection with your children
  • Create regulation and harmony in your home

     Are you ready to transform your way of being!? 

Yes! I am Ready!!

...every teaching Ruth provides resonates with my life journey, like it is aimed at me, allowing me to unpick the tangled thoughts in my mind... 


I highly recommend Ruth as a guide and healer. Her intuition and grace is breathtaking and you will feel so safe and so held by her.


I feel so much more free. I am being so much more compassionate to myself. I have moved from feeling stuck to welcoming in the next stage of my journey knowing the support is there and feeling positive and excited about my life


...this mentorship has given me the tools to put it into practice and let me start healing myself. I’m listening to and trusting my subconscious more, embracing my emotions rather than letting them rule me and seeing what truly matters to me…. Plus so much more! Thanks so much Ruth, I can’t recommend this enough and am really looking forward to continuing with you and the next step of the journey!


Ruth is calm, friendly and holds a safe space during her sessions.

Her guidance in the sessions I have had has been comforting and authentic and her knowledge base is profound.



Ruth is a gifted belief facilitator and this is testament in the deep shifts I have experienced in my inner child healing . I have reframed my life and made many positive changes in my relationships


I have just had an amazing session today with the beautiful soul Ruth Hudson and felt compelled to share. She kindly held space for me to explore my connection to my subconscious. 

We went on an emotional journey that touched on completely different emotions / memories to what I expected and reprogrammed my new beliefs that I trust my subconscious and it is safe to receive.

After the session, I felt completely calm and content that I can trust can connect. Something amazing has definitely shifted.  I’m excited for where this journey is going to take me.


Thank you, Ruth Hudson for today's session! 


Ruth is a beautiful soul. She is so calm and welcoming. My session with her was genuine and flawless. I did not expect to release as much as I did in just one session. Just incredible!! So thankful for our connection. I would not hesitate scheduling a session with her. You will be so happy you did!


Thank you, again!! โค

Your Investment 


Iยดm All In!