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parents on your healing and rising journey, desiring to raise a generation of whole, conscious children. Come find support and community.

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Hello, I am Ruth Hudson 

I have been a holistic, alternative minded therapist for fourteen years. I incorporate modalities such as somatic trauma therapy, belief coding, energy and quantum healing.

I specialise in supporting mothers to rise into their healing and feminine power so they can be a catalyst of peace, joy and healing for their families. When the mother rises into the truth of who she is and becomes aligned to the divine essence within her she can create the family dynamic and life she is longing for. There is nothing more powerful than a mother determined to change the world for her children. 


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With a holistic understanding that we are both physical and energetic I incorporate energetic and somatic experiences into my healing work. Also knowing that we are multidimensional beings I work in the quantum field to provide healing across all dimensions of our existence.

The core philosophy of how I practice and heal is the belief that as spirit, our one core wound from which all wounds stem is that of separation from divinity and the ultimate healing comes with union to our divine essence.  


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So much love to you Ruth my gratitude for you and your offerings of wisdom is ever growing. So much clarity has been found within me from the content you create. If you are thinking of doing one of Ruth´s courses!?! DO IT!! Absolutely life changing. 

Alice Cox


Every teaching Ruth provides inside the group resonates with my life journey, like it is aimed at me, allowing me to unpick te tangled thoughts of my mind... 

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I highly recommend Ruth as a guide and healer. Her intuition and grace is breathtaking and you will feel so safe and so held by her.


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