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Work With Me Individually

There are three options to work with me individually. You can book individual sessions, either one by one or in a mentorship bundle (best value).


Thirdly, I offer a bespoke service of unlimited messaging and voice notes access. This is perfect for parenting support developing strategies or working through triggeredness in motherhood on a moment by moment basis. Book a free call to find out exactly how this works and if we are aligned. This option is also included in the bundle of sessions, making the bundle by far the best value.


The modalities I incorporate provide  powerful modality that allows for rapid transformation.  

We get right to the right of what is troubling you by uncovering where your subconscious mind is holding onto limited beliefs that are keeping this discomfort alive in your life. 

By releasing the limiting belief and attached trapped emotion, we can instantly create new ways of being that allow you to immediately live in a transformed reality. 


Single session: Individual sessions are conducted over zoom, are a minimum of 90 minutes and include exercises and practices to do the week following to solidify the new growth and a follow up check in. 

Book a Single Session

This bundle includes 8, 90 minute  sessions, exercises to do throughout the week & access to any resources that will support your transformation.

This is the most cost effective way to receive individual support and offers incredible value.

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Be resourced in every moment, every experience of motherhood. Unlimited messaging, tools and resources for every expereince that comes up throughout your day, new perspectives and reframes to create a new lens to view the "problems" of motherhood. Have me in your back pocket 

This is Exactly what I Need!

If you are ready to create transformation but would like to connect first and understand how the sessions work and if we are aligned to work together then book a FREE call today. 

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