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Journey of Conscious Motherhood 

The Mothers Rising Series contains three separate  transformational journeys and mentorships for mothers who want to create inner harmony, deeper connection, align to the truest and highest expression of who they are and create a life of joy, bliss, magic and miracles for themselves and their family. 


Each of the modules can be taken separately, though they do build on one another sequentially for a year long in depth, transformational journey. 


Connected motherhood is foundational to our healing and rising. 

Heal your inner child.

Support your nervous system and develop emotional mastery to support your children in coregulation.  

Become the leader your family needs by embodying your highest self.

Embrace and embody your sacred feminine, live as the queen of your life, claiming and creating your queendom as sovereign creator of your reality. 

Believe in yourself, confidently knowing your worth and speaking your truth.

Create a life oozing with joy, pleasure, fun and passion.

Discover the magnetism that is naturally yours and receive abundance with flow and ease. 

 Become a leader in life and in your parenting.

Acknowledge the truth of who you are 

Become master of your emotions and energy 

Free yourself from any blocks and limitations

Live in continual receiving to welcome in abundance in all areas.

Create a life of harmony joy, bliss for yourself and your family.  

Anchor into your highest timeline 

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For further individual self paced courses on 

  • Inner Child Healing
  • Mother and Father wound healing
  • Detrigger your motherhood
  • Balance your nervous system
  • Rise and thrive in motherhood
  • Balance your feminine and masculine energies
  • Live from your soul's purpose in motherhood,
  • Living in abundance of joy
  • Womb Healing
  • Becoming masterful manifestor in motherhood 


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